Here in San Diego we have recently seen a lot of venues close, re-open, close, open and close again, one after the other. For this Behind the Agent’s Desk I would like to share with you a quote that I came across the other day. It relates more to live venues but the concept can be applied to clubs and bars just the same. Bringing in a constant flow of customers is vital to the success or downfall of any venue. Make sure you are putting your customers first. What are their wants and needs when they are checking out your city’s nightlife?

“The best thing about running a club is that you realize it’s not about YOU, it’s about the immediate community and what their needs and likes are. If you had your own record label or own management company or own blog, you could dictate an agenda that spoke to you and your tastes. When you book a club, it’s almost satisfying to be able to let your friends and acquaintances have their bands and friends play (as long as they draw some drinking customers), despite what you may think of the band’s music… If talent buyers booked bands they loved, my guess is, there would be five shows a year at each club, not enough for anyone to be truly happy. The No. 1 thing that talent buyers want to know is: can you bring a ton of thirsty people to come see you play a show on a Monday night? If I don’t personally love them as much as Midlake or Phoenix or Charlotte Gainsbourg, it can certainly be forgiven, all bands have merit for the most part.”

-Jack “Skippy” McFadden, the head talent buyer at Union Hall and the Bell House in Brooklyn

Madison Quartiano
Operations Manager

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