As the summer approaches, I often get emails/calls from artists asking which are the best events they should be attending for max exposure. Here is a sneak peek of my top industry networking events around the world to check out or attend throughout the summer. If you can get booked to perform at them; even better!!

1) EDC – Las Vegas – This event is the premiere EDM Festival in the US with over 250,000 guests in attendance. What makes this super special is that the week leading up to this outstanding event is a much lower profile conference called EDM Biz. This two day meet and greet gives DJs the opportunity to network with the industry leaders and attend work shops and panels, as well as network. If your trying to network this is the place to be!

2) Tomorrow Land – Belgium Germany – Certainly one of the biggest festivals worldwide with the who’s who in Dance music in attendance. If you’re looking for the best collection of industry leaders in attendance for one weekend this is most certainly the place to be at. As with EDC, there is a two day Tomorrow land symposium in the days prior to the event.

3) Ibiza Summer Season – The one and only Island of Ibiza is second to no one in terms of places mingle with top industry leaders, promoters and DJs alike. The season lasts from June to October and features residencies from the top DJs around the globe each week and is home to some of the top Night Club venues in the world. The day time is filled with yacht parties and exclusive networking events which are great places to meet and greet higher-ups. The trick is to have some inside connects to get invited!

4) Amsterdam Dance Event – Towards the end of the summer the famed ADE event takes place in Amsterdam. This is likely to be the top industry networking event worldwide with Industry Panels, Networking Seminars, Mixers and showcases taking place throughout the entire week. The top promoters, club owners, agents, artists, label managers from around the world are typically in attendance with networking being the primary importance rather than events, as in Winter Music Conference. If your interested in really getting things done, this is the place to be.

Troy Gilmore
Vice President/Agent

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