As we enter a new year, there are a couple of tactics I am focusing on in my agent role that I would like to share with you all. Whether you have an agent already or are an artist booking your own shows, here are some things that can help you secure more shows in 2023!

Reach Out to Previous Buyers

  • These venues are already familiar with you, so there’s a higher chance that they will bring you back. It’s a much easier process to rebook a show than to go out and find a new venue or client.

Spend Time On Research

  • Since COVID, a lot of contacts have shifted around as venues have opened and closed. Now is a great time to go back through your contacts, send check-in emails, and create pitches to send out to new venues you haven’t been in contact with yet. This is also a great time to check in with international buyers now that COVID is not so prominent. A lot of travel restrictions have lifted in the past few months, therefore international shows are picking back up.
  • If a contact you reach out to is no longer at that venue or company, this is a great opportunity to find out where they went. They could be at a new venue that you have not had the chance to reach out to yet.

Working Together With Your Team

  • Are you seeing new venues or companies that are popping up on your social media feed? Or an artist similar to you just announced new tour dates? Send it to your manager and agent, they may not have seen it yet. Working together to find the right shows that will work for you is SO important. The more eyes there are on these these kinds of things, the more successful you will be in booking the shows you want to book.
  • Constant communication with your team, news releases, and press is vital for marketing yourself as an artist and creating pitches to send to buyers.

Special Events

  • Lots of events need entertainment! This is a great opportunity to expand your contacts and get more people familiar with your brand and music.
  • Don’t be afraid to look into playing shows for a special event. I know it’s not ideal for an artist trying to tour, BUT if you add this option into your rotation – you have a bigger amount of potential plays you will be able to add to your yearly rotation.

Other Important Focuses to Mention:

  • Update your press and media kits constantly
  • Stay active with your music (new releases, mixes), buyers look at your music platforms!
  • Unify your social media front – a lot of buyers look at your socials. Are you getting good traction? Are you posting regularly? Do you have a good following of fans who interact on your socials and will come to your shows?
  • Your team is important, choose your members wisely.

Ashley Matz
Junior Agent

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